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Dillon Bancroft is a contemporary romance author residing in sunny Tampa, Florida. 


Dillon began writing ever since she could remember. She was a horrible student because while the only class of interest to her was her creative writing class in High School, she spent the rest of her class periods writing stories in her notebooks, allowing just a few of her friends to read stories she never thought would see the light of day.


Since Bancroft never thought being an author was ever an option, she continued writing, but only for her. She's a sucker for second chances and enemies becoming lovers. She's a hopeless romantic who loves anti-heroes. 


She is a mom of two wild and crazy girls that know every single button to push, wife to a Marine who is probably more romantic than she is, and a TV junkie with obscure television quotes only her husband would know.


My dirty little secret is my brother’s best friend.

I’ve loved Jay Parker my entire life. And we’re ready to stop hiding our two-and-a-half-year relationship. Our only problem is that my family and the entire town we grew up in view us as siblings.

But we can’t hide our love forever. When Jay is honorably discharged from the Marine Corps to finally live our dream life together, life as we know it starts caving in. Unaligned dreams. Skeletons in the closet. Jay’s inevitable post-war identity crisis. And if that wasn’t enough, a strange man is following us and threatening my family.

Were we right to think love conquers all? Or will the realities of life tear us apart?

***This is part one of the Jay and Annie duet.

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