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Kimberly Ann lives in BC, Canada with her husband, two children and ridiculously cute German Shepherd. When she’s not dreaming of stories, she homeschools her two children as they explore and learn the world together, reads anything she can get her hands on, and drinks a lot of coffee.
Growing up with her head lost in a book, it was no surprise when she picked up a pen, or her laptop, to write her own.  Kimberly Ann’s stories are based on the world around her as she brings her imagination to life with stories of small towns, swoon-worthy men, and the women that keep them on their toes.

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Skylar Martin is more than happy to flee the city, leaving her past and failed engagement behind her. Off on a new adventure in Logan Creek to plan a wedding for an old friend, she hopes to do just that. What she didn’t expect was encountering a grumpy bear of a mountain man on her stop for coffee.  He riled her up, turned her on, and drove her crazier than any man ever had before, just on that one stop.


Dyllan Thompson had his life planned out. Be the Mayor of his hometown Logan Creek for as long as he could, and then figure out a way to live a quiet life that is free of responsibilities to other people. After seeing how having a family could cause so much heartbreak, he swore he’d never put himself or anyone else through that.


Unfortunately, Skylar and Dyllan had to grin and bear their discontent towards each other on a trip to Vegas for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Not only did they wake up in the same bed together, but also with rings on very important fingers. Refusing to divorce, will their rings be enough to hold them together, or is not everyone meant to have a happily ever after?

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