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Lauren’s stories are often emotionally raw, with lots of twists and turns. She describes her writing as “where light meets dark”, which represents how her witty humor compliments the darkness in every story. Instead of trying to mold her writing to fit in a box, she chooses to be unapologetically herself. Genre is no constraint for her, ranging from new adult, contemporary, and even paranormal. And everything in between! The common theme in every book is finding love when you least expect it. She enjoys putting her characters through tribulations, allowing their triumphs to be that much more poignant. Make sure you have your seatbelts secured. It’s always a bumpy ride.


When she’s not working, she’s writing. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her husband, her friends, or her pets. You might also find her on a horseback trail ride or sitting beside a waterfall in Upstate New York. She has a pretty normal life, yet her stories are anything but.


Our families are rivals, but that doesn’t mean we have to be enemies.




The Vigliones and Silvanis have been at war longer than any of us can remember. It's a battle we didn't start but are forced to fight in. But she's not my enemy. 


We're ruthless, but the Silvanis are cunning. Slick as a fox, Gia Silvani offers herself as a pawn—a proposition we can’t resist. We should have, but as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. I find myself living with her under my roof, being driven mad by temptation, my true nemesis. 


The fleeting moment of intimacy we shared when we were young and stupid nags at me. The painful ache settles deep in my bones, making it harder to fight against her alluring pull. Until I no longer have it in me to resist.


After we step over boundaries better left uncrossed, it becomes clear that I can never let her go. Even as our worlds crumble around us, we have to find some way to make it work. There is no other option for me, because she is mine.

What will happen to us when too many mistakes are made and we can no longer call the city our home?


Edge of Sin is book one in a toxic, dark Cosa Nostra romance duet. 

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Book Excerpt

“Can we talk now?” I asked, a hint of annoyance rearing its head in my tone.

“What could you possibly have to talk about? You’re lucky I didn’t kill you the moment you stepped foot in my home. You got a pair of balls on you, I’ll give ya that.” Mr. Viglione nodded as he lit a cigar, the smoke hiding his dark, soulless eyes. His cheeks puffed as he inhaled the smoke.

I stepped toward him, and his guards met my steps and closed in on me. Silvio waved them away, and they returned to their positions along the wall, their watchful eyes still on me. A smile crept across my face as I crossed the soft carpet in front of his desk, the material muffling the sound of my heels. I leaned over, grabbed his cigar, and placed it between my painted lips, puffing on the smoke. A power move. 

“I would like to be abducted,” I said as I handed the cigar back to him. 

His mouth dropped open. “You would like to be what?” He extinguished the tip in a golden ashtray.

“You heard me. I’d like to stage my abduction.” I bent over the large wooden desk, running my hand along the grain. My breasts pulled together directly in Silvio’s line of vision. He only looked away once I made my request.

“I’m not interested in getting into a war with your family, Gia,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “For the first time in forty-five years, we’re amicable.”

“I thought we weren’t on informal terms, Silvio.” My lips spread into a slow, sensual smile. “Nonetheless, not even for a hundred million?”

Silvio’s squinty eyes widened as much as his fat cheeks would allow. “Explain.”

Money always swayed us. That’s where the morals of our families overlapped.

“We’ll attach a hefty ransom bill of a hundred million, but I need your family to help me do it.”

“I don’t think you know what you’re asking.” He released a devilish smile. “Besides, I’m not putting our families at war again to give your hot little ass a hundred mill.” 

The room filled with laughter.

“I’m asking for thirty percent, that’s all.” My lips pouted as I stared at him.

Silvio raised his hand, and the laughter stopped. “Let me get this straight. You want us to abduct you, hold you for ransom, and pay you a portion of the money?” He rubbed a hand through his black beard, as dark as the hair on his head.

“Yes. I’m handing you an easy target with a sizable payout for minimal effort.”

Silvio picked up the cigar, shifted it between his fingers, and tightened his lips. “Deal, but this ain’t going to be no walk in the park for you, not in my home.” His voice deepened with the threat. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a burner phone, sliding it along the table toward me. “We’ll be in touch.” With that, he pointed the cigar at me, dismissing me with a wave of his hand.

Q&A with Lauren Biel

Q: Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how became an author?

A: I wrote a lot when I was younger but got really serious, like many, during the pandemic. I had so many worlds I needed to explore in my head!

Q: What is your writing process like?

A:  Chaotic. I usually write 3-4 stories at once and I write all different subgenres of dark romance. I usually write my first draft, give it a read-through, hand it off to betas, and then drop it off to my editor as polished as I can get it! But mostly, it’s just chaos.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

A: Ride horses. Spend quiet time away from electronics in nature! The outdoors is a good place for me to clear my head.

Q: How do you celebrate when you are finished writing a book?

A: A good dinner and drink!

Q: How do you celebrate when your books are released?

A: Also.. a good dinner and drink! But with more anxiety.

Q: Can you tell me how the book/series came about?

A: This story came to me after watching Public Enemies, and I wrote a ‘why choose’ old-time gangsters mafia duet. I loved the crime aspect of that world and decided to modernize it for those who don’t like historical-based romances. The Sin Duet was born!

Q: Are any of your characters similar to real-life friends or family?

A: Sometimes. Mostly not, but it’s because I live a relatively boring life and my characters are anything but lol.

Q: What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

A: Navigating crime in the modern world with cameras and policing, and all the things you didn’t have when I wrote my historical mafia duet.

Q: What part of writing this book was the most fun for you?

A: Relationship building between the MC’s. I loved the sexual tension that was oozing from them anytime they were on page.

Q: What Authors or other Books have inspired you to write this book?

A: One of my favorite mafia authors is Ann-Marie Davis, author of the Moreno Mafia Series.

Q: What is your favorite passage from this book?

A: “How about this? You give me that pretty mouth of yours, and I’ll show you what hell tastes like. Then you can decide if you want to walk through fire with me.” He craned my neck.

Q: If you could meet any of your characters, who would it be and what would you say to them?

A: Vernon from Men of Mayhem (my historical mafia duet): “You don’t scare me” and then I’d probably ask him to marry me. LOL.

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