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Lilly is a Kansas City native who currently resides in sunny California with her well-traveled plants, Fred and Addie. She has a degree in English literature from The University of Kansas (and an incomplete degree in medieval history... So does that count? The tuition bills say it does.)


Lilly is a frequent traveler with a soft spot for Ireland, but Puerto Rico is her favorite destination. No matter where she is in the world, however, coffee is a need, necessity, addition, and obsession... one that she shares with all of her FMCs.


Although romance and containing HEA/HFNs, Lilly's stories address a range of trauma-related issues and are not intended/appropriate for readers under 18 years of age. A complete list of TWs for each book can be found on her LinkTree:

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When love becomes an obsession, when love betrays; when a man's love leads to unspeakable sins.

When love becomes a possibility, when love shelters; when a man's love leads to frightening revelations.

Brit Delany struggles to emerge from the darkness after surviving a chilling ordeal. She is forced to come to grips with the secrets of her past. But how does she learn to trust herself? How does she trust anyone around her? How does she find the strength to accept one man's love while reeling from the destructive passion of another?

How does she prevent her deepest fears from derailing everything and keeping her from the man she wants? Because in Brit's world, love always betrays.

Tranquility is the conclusion of Entanglement. Lilly's stories are not intended/appropriate for readers under 18 years of age. Be forewarned that the Turbulence Series addresses a range of traumatic issues. Please consult reviews or contact the author for clarification. 

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Book Excerpt

Evie parked her compact German import in the driveway carefully, her eyes on Sean. He waited for her in the drive, hands in the pockets of his suit pants. She exited her vehicle with grace, knowing she was being watched. She even ducked her head coquettishly to ensure that she was, indeed, being observed. 

Evie did everything with seductive intention. 

Sean shook his head at her.

She had chosen relaxed gear today; form-fitting blue jeans and a pink silk button-up top, enough buttons undone at the neck to allow for a hint of cleavage. Her blonde hair was swept up in a loose bun. Her black booties were stylish flats with side-zips. She was stunning, and she knew it.

Slamming the car door shut, she glanced at the manor and then at the row of miniscule lodges behind Sean. “Here?” She didn’t try to hide her disappointment; she’d wanted to see inside the manor.  

He smiled. “Here.” 

She gave him a small smile and commented, “Charming.” She found it anything but.

“I don’t need much,” he replied. 

Approaching him on a gentle waft of perfume, still eyeing the length of rooms, she said with a slight tease to her voice, “Most university boys don’t.” Then she placed her manicured fingers over bright red lips, widening her eyes slightly in mock mortification. “Oh, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Sean chuckled and shook his head. “Between yourself and Brit, I’m surprised there’s an ego left on me.”

“Has she not been the ideal patient?” Evie asked, keeping her tone light and flirty to disguise that there was more to the question.

He smiled. “I’ll not be telling on her.”

Evie shook her head, turning more serious. “Therapy can be for both of you, Sean. You’re her caregiver. And if I need to know something before going in there, you need to tell me so I don’t make the situation worse. For either of you.”

Sean hesitated and then told her, “She’s upset at the moment because I put her passport away for safekeeping.”

Evie wasn’t fooled. “You hid her passport.”

“It isn’t hidden; she knows where it is; she just can’t access it without me,” he clarified.

She gave him a disapproving look at the obvious manipulation, which was a result of his fear. “Got it.” She took a couple of steps toward the lodge door and then turned back to him. “Anything else?”

Sean shook his head. “That’s something for you to talk to her about; getting her to open up to me is…” He shrugged. “Every step is a misstep.”

Evie gave him a slow nod. She turned back toward the front door and proceeded, hearing Sean follow. She crossed the threshold and looked around, Sean following her and shutting the door behind them. Brit sat on a sectional, her knees pulled up, feet on the cushion with her with a pillow behind her back. She had her mobile in her hands, her thumbs furiously moving over the screen. Whoever she was texting was getting an earful. 

Evie glanced at Sean. “This is a little charming.”

He smiled down at her.

“It’s crowded,” Brit contributed, fiery eyes lifting to Sean.

Staring back in amusement, he informed Evie, “The sectional is new.”

“I wasn’t talking about the furniture,” she enlightened him.

Sean gave her a slow, knowing smile that she returned with a sour expression. “Tea, Evie?”

“Mm, thank you,” she replied, walking around the sectional and sitting opposite Brit. “How are you feeling, Britton, being someplace more comfortable than the hospital?”

“It’s not home.”

A low “huh” sound came from the kitchenette behind her, and Brit glared into the screen of her mobile as though Sean could see her face. 

The tension was butter-thick, but Evie was having difficulty discerning whether it was due to anger or sexual tension, finally deciding that it was a bizarre and unique combination of the two. She’d been bemused by their relationship in hospital and was more so now. “Evidently, you two are having some adjustment issues.”

“Clearly,” Brit echoed.

“Brit’s a little high-strung sometimes,” Sean offered.

She made a face of resentment. “I’m not a horse!”

“You aren’t, love; a horse can be brought to rein,” he quipped.

Q&A with Lilly K Cee

Q: Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how became an author?

A: This is one of those icebreaker questions in workshops that introvert-me never knows how to answer, and when it comes my turn, I overcompensate by sharing inappropriately. Ha! The truth is, there isn’t anything unique or interesting about me. I’ve been writing since I was a kid because it was my way to process my environment. Did I know that I was creating my own therapy as a kid? No. Was I writing sexually explicit content at the age of twelve? Yes. Did that make me a writer then? Who knows? But I was popular with my friends who read my stories.


In high school, it morphed into what I suppose would be considered fan fic today: entertainment pieces for my friends hooking up with their rock star crushes. I did write a friend into a pirate story and I had him captured and hung for piracy. He thought it was awesome to be a villain who died in one of my stories, so I obliged him. 


I stopped writing when I was in a relationship. For 11 years, that outlet was stunted. Literally, the day I sent him on his way, I sat down and the words came flowing out. Book one (which will never be published) was written. I wrote Turbulence (now a series, Entanglement and Tranquility) next. I moved to Minnesota and started writing Those Who Are Bound when a character named Mac made himself known and I had to stop writing Those Who Are Bound to write Mac’s story, Alive Day. 


After Alive Day was finished, I immediately returned to Those Who Are Bound. And then... I was in a grocery store in St Paul and the flash drive (on a key chain) was pick pocketed. Copies of my manuscripts were on the flash drive, so a writer friend of mine told me to copyright immediately and publish in order to protect my work.


So, now I am a published author. And I have moved to California.

Q: What is your writing process like?

A: Chaos. Ha! I don’t know that I have a process. When I have a moment, or the words come, I open up my laptop, zone out, and write. I’d liken it to meditation.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

A: I work a demanding and fulfilling full-time-plus job. Writing is the side hustle. Beyond these two things, when I get the chance, I do like to travel. As my bio states, Puerto Rico is a go-to. I am determined to get back to Ireland soon, however.

Q: How do you celebrate when you are finished writing a book?

A: I suffer something along the lines of anxiety. Writing is still my therapy, so when one story is complete, I need another to move on to. If I don’t have anything brewing, then it’s less of a celebration and more of a meltdown, lol.

Q: How do you celebrate when your books are released?

A: I don’t. It’s just me, so I hit the button and that’s that. Ta-da. I’m sorry the answer isn’t more exciting.

Q: Can you tell me how the book/series came about?

A: I wrote these two as a single story: Turbulence. But, it was too long to publish as one, so I had to break it up. Thus, Entanglement and Tranquility and the cliffhanger at the end of Entanglement. It really did happen at the best spot, that moment in the story. Calling it the “Turbulence Series” is in honor of its original title, and it fits.

Q: Are any of your characters similar to real-life friends or family?

A: Evie reminds me of a friend; her boldness, her attitude toward sex and her excellent advice.

Q: What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

A: Tranquility was a natural extension of Entanglement, so the same themes were daunting. I bawled, however, writing a scene between Jasper and Brit. My heart was breaking, seeing him as Brit does; I just don’t know if I conveyed it well enough.

Q: What part of writing this book was the most fun for you?

A: Evie. She’s a hoot in this one.

Q: What Authors or other Books have inspired you to write this book?

A: As with Entanglement, that would be high school me. ☺ 

Q: What is your favorite passage from this book?

A:  My favorite passage gives away some important information so here’s this:


The cocoon of theirs, the blissful bubble, the ease, and the thrills. It was a high and a rush she was terrified to love, to enjoy, to want. Because tomorrow, it could be taken away.

That’s just how it always worked. Good things weren’t meant for her. And as much as he wanted to, Sean couldn’t give it to her.

Love always betrayed.

Q: If you could meet any of your characters, who would it be and what would you say to them?

A: Brit  (Britton). I’d just give her a hug and tell her I’m proud of her for coming out okay on the other side. 

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